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Facing someone you blocked

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I suspect you're putting more effort into worrying than is warranted  :P  Chances are he's more or less forgotten about the whole thing by now - or if he does remember, he's embarrassed because he now realized how he came across.  He may also be in a relationship now anyway so not interested in pursuing you even if you are both there.

I've told people before that my Facebook is for family members that I don't see very often. It's kind of true, I do use it for that, and the people who ask me really don't need to know anything differently.

I agree with Roe, being direct about it won't really accomplish anything without a big opening for hurt feelings or weirdness. Just tell him you seriously scaled back your usage and had to pare down your friends list so you weren't bogged down for half an hour or longer every time you were on.

Yeah, it's highly likely that he won't broach the subject at all. However, if he does, I think you just sort of avoid the question.

Him: Why did you defriend me?
You: Did I? Oh, there's Susan over there. (and walk away)

If he asks again then be blunt. "Sorry, I'm just not interested in pursuing a friendship with you." And again, walk away.

If he has the audacity to ask why he was blocked, I'd go with "I'm keeping my Friends list to family and close friends" (you could even add "and people I see regularly").

If he asks you to re-add him as a friend I'd say "Thanks, but I'd rather not" and bean-dip.

Worst case scenario is that he follows you around all night, wanting to know "what he did wrong". If that happens - and hopefully it won't - I'd be honest and say he was getting annoying and creepy.

An answer that seemed like it might work was, "we seemed to want different things," then wander off to get a drink, ladies, etc.

My concern with the evasive, friendly answers is that it might restore his hope.  You might end up dealing with him more after such an answer (if he manages to find a way to contact you) since it wasn't that you don't want to talk to him, it was mean old Facebook.


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