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Author Topic: Two All Beef Patties . . .  (Read 3273 times)

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Re: Two All Beef Patties . . .
« Reply #30 on: August 12, 2017, 12:32:05 PM »
The blown glass pumpkin at the Corning museum in New York! I had asked on eHell for suggestions on what to do in downstate New York and someone recommended this. We went to the glass blowing demonstration and won the automatic lottery for yesterday's demonstration. I know the pool was small by lottery standards, but we never win anything. This is a beautiful item of lasting value, priced at $60 in the gift shop, something we liked but couldn't justify buying. It really means a lot to us in many ways. It is the first decoration I pull out after Labor Day and stays until Dec 1.

By the way, we really recommend the museum. Glassware many hundreds of years old up to the present space age and interesting science are all displayed in lovely galleries, and in a beautiful scenic area of the US.

Good for you - what a lovely prize!  I grew up in NYC, and my parents took my younger brother and I to visit that museum when I was about 10-12.  The glass blowing demonstrations were fabulous, and whenever I'm in Tacoma/Seattle I go to the glass museum there and try to catch a demo.  In the Corning gift shop I found a small glass rabbit and told my mom I was going to buy it for myself, as it was only 25 cents.  She very gently explained that it was a dollar sign, not a cents sign, and it was totally out of our budget.  Good thing I didn't drop it, I was so shocked at the price!

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Re: Two All Beef Patties . . .
« Reply #31 on: August 19, 2017, 10:17:39 AM »
Recently I completed the Summer Learning Challenge at my local library.  The prize I wanted was for a free item (up to three dollars) off any item at the upcomong friends of the library book sale.  Not only did I get that, I also got  a dollar off coupon for a ticket to the local minor league baseball team, acoupon good for three dollars of any library fines (I plan on giving that away), and a stand to use when I charge my phone or kindle.
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Re: Two All Beef Patties . . .
« Reply #32 on: August 25, 2017, 02:36:07 PM »
I was just reminded of this one:

At my son's jazz band dinner dance they had raffle baskets. Hubby bought 6 tickets and we put one in each basket. We ended up winning two baskets. :-)

The first one was a movie basket, had a couple movies, popcorn, candy. Sent the popcorn to hubby's work and ate the candy.

The second basket was a sport basket. Came in a pick-i-nic basket, had a foam finger, a felt blanket in the school colors, a couple foam footballs, and the best part? A family pass to every school sport game for the 2017-2018 school year. That's gonna come in so handy. So many times I've come home on Friday and realized I didn't have any cash, so I wouldn't be able to go to the game and see my son play at halftime.

The downside is I'm gonna have to sit in the bleachers at school football games all year. I have to stay through at least the third quarter, to see halftime show and the drumline challenge. I don't usually mind, the marching band at our high school is award winning. The football team? Not so much.

this reminds me of one of the prizes given at a fundraiser for my friend's niece's school. She went to parochial school, and one prize was front row parking for midnight mass on Christmas eve! I guess it could get quite crowded, so this, plus "good seats" for the mass were a highly sought after prize!