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  • September 28, 2016, 08:45:35 PM

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Author Topic: S/O I'm Never Shopping There - What Businesses Will Forever Have Your Patronage?  (Read 116565 times)

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^^ I love that!  ;) I would totally go out of my way to patronize that place after witnessing that.  There are far too many corporate run places nowadays where managers kowtow to nasty customers, often at the expense of a good employee.


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It's a shop on etsy called AdorkableStickers. I had an issue with a sticker kit not showing up with the decorative sheet. I message her, it takes a few days for her to get back to me (which is fine - it was weekend and all), and she says so sorry, she'll send it out. I get it today and it has the deco stickers and a sweet note apologizing again with one of her newest kits (a $20 value).

I did not expect this. She already has the fact that I will be shopping there again, because it's cute and geeky stickers that she calls bits, but the fact that she was so nice in her reply to me at first and then this cemented it. It is now one of the those shops where I will be going to first when I need something and singing it's praises to all who care to hear. ;D  I have a list of shops on etsy who give amazing customer service, fast turn around, and I love when I can add another to the list.


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I was looking for something a bit unusual for my husband's 70th birthday, and found the website of a lady who sells handmade jewellery.  She was advertising cufflinks made from old coins, and you could specify the year of the coin.  I ordered a pair of silver sixpences from his birth year.  She contacted me to say that she was very sorry, but she didn't have any from that year, and hadn't been able to find any recently.  I changed my order to farthings (0.25 of a pre 1971 UK penny).  They arrived and were lovely.  DH wore them on the evening of his birthday when we went out to dinner.  Unfortunately he tripped on a step, caught his wrist on the door frame and the cufflink broke.  He was unhurt, but very upset about the cufflink, so I got back on the website the next day to see if she could repair it or supply a single farthing cufflink to match.

3 days later a package arrived, with a note apologising for the 'faulty' soldering (my emphasis, because I don't think it was faulty)! Inside the package was a new farthing cufflink, and a pair of silver sixpence ones as she had just found a pair of sixpences from the right year.  She wouldn't accept any payment for them, even though the sixpences were substantially more expensive than the farthings.


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So far only one dealing but if further interactions are anything like this one, yes. Nespresso. Just bought a fancy coffee and espresso maker. At a big discount but still much more than I've ever spent on any kind of coffee maker. I couldn't try it out until today, and I woke up at 4:30 am, wide awake. So I tried to use it, following all the steps, and while it made all the right noises, nothing came out.

Their CS is 24/7 so I called, and they spent at least half an hour trying to troubleshoot but to no avail. So since the machine had heated up, she suggested I wait an hour or so until cooled down, to avoid overheating, and try again, and if still nothing, call back. Well, it worked! I guess it common for an air bubble to get in but she was so patient and nice.


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  • xi

When I was buying my first house, I went to a CiCi's after visiting the house.  It was a HUD, so I could visit at will.  It was near the closing and I had lots of paperwork together in an old briefcase.   The darn thing wouldn't open when I went to pay.  They said to not worry about it.  I gathered all my loose change out of the car and I probably got close to the $2.99 plus tax.  But, I was so touched that they were going to let me eat for free.  Plus, associated them with that happy time in my life. 


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I bought a Tilley  (outdoors ) hat 14 years ago.  It wasn't cheap; I've bought hats for weddings for less.  The brim started to fray a year or so ago, but it gradually became worse so there wasn't a sound piece.  Now these hats have a lifetime guarantee so I emailed the company's office in the U.K. (The company is Canadian) not expecting much as a) I've had it a long time, b) it was probably just wear and tear and c) it hadn't been through the digestive system of an elephant, nor wrapped itself around an outboard motor, so not very interesting.. My email was answered the next day and they asked for three photographs of said hat showing the damage, the style and the label inside - the one that says it's 'ten-ounce , USA-treated cotton duck, solid British brass hardware sewn with Canadian persnicketiness'. I love that: persnicketiness.

Anyhow, my new hat arrived on Friday, less than a week after my initial enquiry.  I just paid 6 for handling, postage and packing.  I sat up in bed wearing it, while drinking my early morning tea..


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A few years back, before tablets, just about when notebooks were making their mark, I bought a little Asus Eee PC. I don't know why - because it was cute? It sure didn't have a big drive anyway, I have thumb drives that hold more. Anyway, it was fun to use for a while. Then I got a laptop, and then an HP split tablet (it can un-dock from the keyboard), so the Asus notebook didn't get used, and of course I forgot the password.

So I was cleaning out my room and came across it, and tried the passwords I thought it could be but of course none of them worked. I finally decided to call the number on the sticker that was right on the machine (novel idea, hey.) The lady had NO clue what kind of device it was, but she was kind and patient, even when I gave her the serial number incorrect (a zero turned out to be an oh). Eventually we got it right, and I assume her system told her what it was as she was able to then tell me to power it off, then on and press F9 until this screen came up, then cautioned me that if I proceeded, everything that was on it would be lost. And yippee, I finally got back into it. So based on good customer service, I would definitely consider an Asus computer in the future. I am not sure what I am going to do with it now, but at least I can use it if I want to!