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I've been away from eHell for a couple of days; coming back to the board, it appears (at least, per my computer equipment) that compared to a couple of days ago -- on "Community", in all sections, the "archives" of past posts have undergone major reductions. On "Life in General", for example, the tally of accessible past pages, formerly in four figures, has diminished to three hundred and forty-something.

Could I ask -- is this a thing which has been done as official policy by the board?  I can be very oblivious to Internet happenings generally; the plan for this to happen as from this weekend could well have been announced for weeks past on eHell -- with my totally missing it. Or I wonder whether this might be a glitch peculiar to my own computer, and in fact the board's archives are just as they were long before this weekend?

Outdoor Girl:
I'm not sure which thread it was in but the Dame mentioned that she was going to delete old, unactive threads in hopes of helping getting rid of the morning slowdowns.

Thanks. As said, I can be highly oblivious to announcements that such things are going to happen.

I feel a bit sad, because I greatly enjoyed going back into the -- until lately -- voluminous archives, and exploring threads from way back. But of course "those who run the show, call the shots".  An "upside", is that the new set-up will prevent me from much time-wasting !  And the "Etiquette Hell Classics" sub-forum still preserves some of the best items from half a decade and more, ago.

I hope that it is OK procedure to revive this thread which I started, to raise an associated issue.

I find that -- not only has much former archive material seemingly been "deep-sixed" as of a few weeks ago; but I am unable to access a good deal of what, per indications shown on-screen, is still supposedly "there" and accessible.  I am finding that in various sub-forums, pages up to page number *** are shown as still accessible: in fact, though, from half-way through the number sequence, clicking on the number does not deliver the page-full of thread titles / contents, from which one can select threads which one wishes to read.  For instance, "Family and Children" is ostensibly still available up to page 169; in fact, though, after page 85 I am unable to get the above page-full -- so cannot access the material.

I confess to being probably one of the world's most computer-clueless computer owners; and, as touched on in my OP, my own computer seems prone to assorted idiosyncracies -- many of which I could probably remedy if I were more au fait with these matters.  Am wondering if anyone can shed any light for me, on this situation which I'm encountering -- and indeed, whether it has happened to anybody else?  I love roaming around in threads from the past, and it is frustrating to me to have the opportunity to do so, at present severely curtailed.

I am able to view all the pages in most topics, including 169 pages in Family And Children, but not pages in Life In General, so perhaps it is a temporary glitch left over from the maintenance? Sometimes we can't see threads that are being worked on or moderated for some reason, but then later they pop back up again.


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