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AUGH! I messaged the wrong person!!

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Oh, I think I want to sink into a hole and DIIIIE!   :-[

I just sent an etsy conversation asking about a particular item, but also about several other items in the shop.  Then I went back to look at the other items and saw they weren't in the shop anymore.  Then I noticed that the seller had suddenly dropped from nearly 2000 sales to only 8 and several pages of inventory to only 3 pages.

THEN I noticed that the shop name was ever so slightly different.  And I realized I had both shops open at the same time in different tabs - opened them up in tabs as I clicked on each individual item from my search results.

I'm sure the seller is wondering what I'm talking about with regard to selling in larger lots as she doesn't have any lots.

How do I correct this?

 :-[ :-[ :-[

Whoa, take a breath. It's an easy mistake to make. The first thing you should do is message the right seller so you can, you know, get answers to your questions. Second, and only if you feel like it, you can message the incorrect seller and just say, "oops, sorry, I meant that to go to a different seller."

I should make a note that I'm not actually interested in purchasing from the seller I'd convo'd, as she doesn't have a wide enough selection for me.  I need a much wider selection than she has available.  :(

I feel positively terrible as a struggling etsy shop owner myself. 

I know I'd feel a deep pang of disappointment if I got such a message promising a big order than a second one telling me it was meant for someone else.

First, take a deep breath :D This is absolutely not worthy of sinking into a pit of shame over.

Just send her a single follow-up message to the effect of:

"Belay that! I messaged the wrong seller. Sorry for the inconvenience. Best, Knitterly"
and then send your questions to the right person. Stuff like this happens literally all the time. It's no big deal.

Then you'd best disabuse the seller of the idea quickly so the celebration doesn't go on too long.


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