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AUGH! I messaged the wrong person!!

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"I'm sorry, but I'm looking for a bit more variety, so I've decided to go with a different seller. Thanks so much for your time!"

"I'm sorry for any confusion my message was intended for a different seller."  No fuss no muss.

I read that subject as "massaged".  Now THAT would be embarrassing. ;)

Thanks all.  I just didn't know how to phrase it, since I had actually flat out promised a sale to the wrong person.

What I ended up writing was

--- Quote ---Oh dear. You're probably reading this conversation going "I don't have any [item]".
I'd meant to send this message to another seller with a similar shop name. I had both shops open at once and thought I was messaging someone else.  I am so sorry for the confusion.
--- End quote ---

I expect it's neither the first nor the last time someone will stumble across her shop thinking it's the other shop.  They are separated by literally two letters and they sell basically the same thing.

I did contact the seller I meant to, and she was lovely to deal with.  I did not hear back from the first seller, and I do hope I didn't ruin her day too badly. :(


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