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--- Quote from: suzieQ on August 30, 2013, 09:32:57 PM ---DH use to pull stuff like that. He would ask where I wanted to go, I would tell him, then he would proceed to tell me about 10 other restaurants in the area. Look, I told you what I want. If you don't want that, then say so. I've picked, I don't need to know about all the other options available.

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Why do guys do that?  Mine does it too.  He will ask my opinion than just ignore it.  So now I just say "Whatever."

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Not just guys! My stepmother use to do that - always! Drove us nuts.

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But they do complain that YOU never pick a restaurant - because they apparently don't register it when you tell them that you want something that they don't want.  Or just don't register it because they haven't switched modes yet - from asking to listening...

I can come in the door with the mail in my hand, give it to VorGuy, he'll set it down, and then five minutes later ask if the mail has been picked up yet....

He'll ask me what I want, I say "Italian", and he tells me that he's in the mood for BBQ (or Mexican) - then ask me AGAIN what I want to eat.  Until I agree with him or say "doesn't matter" - then he says that I never have any ideas on where to eat...

Umm - I have ideas - but I tend to eat out at lunch (by myself, with Red Hat friends, or pick up drive through if I'm running errands) because negotiating where we will both eat at one meal takes too blooming long!

I have found telling him that we have gift cards on hand for X & Y - then he can pick whichever one of those he wants.


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