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How to correctly tell boss that coworker is a bad fit?

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Wow!  That was stupid of him to do.

Boss does not care.  And now, all of us who are picking up slack for him and the other newbies have "bad attitudes" because we're not giggly and brown-nosing like he is.  Staff meeting next week should be fun.


You already *have* told your boss that the new coworker is a 'bad fit' (ie, unprofessional, untrustworthy and incompetent).

Your boss has ample actual evidence that coworker is not competent.

You've done your best to prepare boss and coworker for when you leave.

Your boss either doesn't care, or is hoping that if they plug their ears and hum the problem will go away.

I don't think there is anything more you can do, short of turning down maternity leave to manage things.

What you *can* do though, is take off with a clear conscience. You've got six or eight weeks where they'll be on their own. That sounds like long enough for things to fall apart. And don't be available to come in to fix emergencies - you're recuperating from childbirth, taking care of a baby, and getting things set up so you can go back to work on time. Don't answer calls from work immediately - give it a day before you can get back to them. Or let your husband answer if possible, and tell them that you're not available.

The real trick, I think will be managing half-time without effectively doing full-time because you've got so much to do to clean up after you're coworker, and the boss is blaming you if it's not done.

can you go above bosses head to HR or uber boss?


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