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S/O: Talking to strangers. US vs UK: The poll!

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i normally start the convo's,  i can't help it, i kissed the blarney stone (although family would say i had the gift of the gab before that!!)

i also pull faces at small children, hold doors open for whoever is behind me and help carry pushchairs/buggies up or down stairs.


--- Quote from: amandaelizabeth on August 19, 2013, 11:56:15 PM ---Here in New Zealand, I think we talk to any one, any where.  Maybe because it is a small place and within several minutes we can establish a connection.  Seems to work with overseas visitors too, you would be amazed at the connections we discover.

--- End quote ---

I would love that! I grew up in a place where conversations with strangers was the norm. I have adjusted to how it is where I now live, but I'm lucky in that I live in a neighborhood where people are outgoing and friendly.

I need to visit NZ!  :)


--- Quote from: saki on August 20, 2013, 05:24:08 AM ---I think it's very regional within the UK.   I grew up in the South-East and now live in London where it just Isn't Done to chat to strangers.  But I've lived in other places in the UK where people are more open to it - in a small town in Scotland, even in a fairly large city in the South West, and definitely in the country-side in general.

But, as someone said in the other thread, the way in which it is done differs to the US (where I have been several times) - it's much more subtle.  You wouldn't just say "Hi, my name is..  how are you?" or anything, you'd slide into conversation more subtly.  If in a pub, you might say "Ooh, can't decide what beer to have, what are you drinking?" or "horrible weather, isn't it?" and see how the person responds

--- End quote ---

Actually, IME it's more the way you do it than the, "Hi, my name is..." in the US.

Here in Australia we will talk to people, just chitchat but it depends on the situation. We generally are friendlier people than otherwise.

This was actually how I met my husband. I was going to a gaming convention by myself and didn't know anyone. I started talking to him in the registration line and a few other people. I had made up my mind to meet people or I was going to be lonely.

I also don't kind talking to friendly cab drivers, they can have good stories.


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