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S/O: Talking to strangers. US vs UK: The poll!

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Honestly, it depends to a significant degree where.I am,.what else is going on, how much time I have, etc. As I mentioned before, I was raised to recognize that there is an eco.omic adantage tobeing friendly to people who are visiting the area whether they are from another city, ztate or country.

It entirely depends on where I am and what I am doing.   Random folks approaching me for no reason when I am on public transit- I don't like it. 

The guy sitting next to me at the brewpub saying, "How is that IPA?" Or "Did you see the Very Important Sporting Event yesterday?" -both of those are fine. 

So I can't really answer the poll.  Sometimes it is fine or I may even start the conversation.   Sometimes it is not okay at all and makes me uncomfortable. 

I don't mind a quick "What's the time?" or "Is this the bus to the train station?" and I try to be friendly to people who need directions or some other sort of help.

In general, though, I don't want to chat. I find talking to complete strangers quite stressful (which is entirely my own issue).

US here, raised in a suburb of a fairly large metropolitan area, but not a "big city".

Honestly, it depends on my mood and the situation. Waiting for a bus or train? Please leave me alone. If I have a book or headphones? Please leave me alone. But there's this one barbecue place in a gas station (don't judge, it's one of the best places ever). The lines are frequently out the door, and you can easily be standing for an hour waiting for food. Sometimes I'll start up conversations with other people in line based on what they're talking about, but if they don't seem receptive, I'll go back to my book or to talking to my own group of people.

Someone asking for directions is going to have a bit more of a pass than someone trying to start an honest to goodness full-fledged conversation, but if I don't seem receptive to it, let it go.

The poll needs one more option- "Depends on the mood I'm in, that day" :D


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