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What does Cut Direct mean?

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I looked through this board and people have mentioned the "cut direct".  I have a general idea what it means (it seems somewhat self explanatory), but I couldn't find a definition anywhere.  What does it generally entail to give someone the cut direct?

It means you no longer acknowledge someone in any way.  No contact, no speaking, don't even look at them.  It's like shunning.

The cut direct is when you look right at someone and don't acknowledge them at all (cut indirect is where you pretend you haven't even noticed them).

But often confused with "cutting someone out of your life" which is different.

It's supposed to mean giving someone no acknowledgement when you run into them, ie, pretending as if they weren't there.

On here, it's taken on the meaning of cutting off contact with someone, or cutting them entirely out of your life.

rose red:
Yeah, it's when you don't acknowledge them even if they are right in front of your face. It's like you say "Hi" to all the other people in the room except that person.


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