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Deleting a non-inflammatory FB comment: do you ask why?

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Recently, a couple of my FB friends have commented about the same topic.  The gist of their post was an offshoot of a topic in which I have an interest.  I asked them for more information because I was truly interested. 

For the first one, the poster just ignored my comment for more information.  OK....fine.  I'm disappointed, but I can live with that.  I wasn't going to hijack his post and badger him or something.

But then another friend commented on the same offshoot, and I again asked for more information on the offshoot.  That's all.  I saw the thread later, and then saw that my comment was no longer there.  So he deleted it?  Why?  Seriously, it was NOTHING inflammatory or controversial at all! 

How do other people handle it when you see a comment that you made to someone's thread/post has been deleted?  Do you ignore it?  Contact the person who probably deleted it?

I would assume thatthey do not have a reliable source of further informaiton to provide to you and are embarassed by this (for whatever reason).  i'd let it drop.

I'm not sure from your description if this is what might have happened, but there have been a couple of times where I've deleted a thread because it was easier to just get rid of it than to excise only the inoffensive/innocuous/shocking posts.

This is kind of an extreme example, but I once posted something inane (that's how I like to keep Facebook). A couple of friends posted funny responses. And then another friend, who I'm certain was still in shock and just not thinking about context AT ALL, posted that her son had just died and she would be out of town for a while. I seriously thought it was the worst joke ever for a while. I didn't really know how to handle it. I didn't want to delete just her comment because that seemed really cold, and I also didn't want more funny comments to show up under her horrible announcement. So I just got rid of that status altogether. It seemed like the kindest and easiest thing to do. So maybe this person saw that getting rid of a whole branch of the conversation was easiest, and it wasn't about your comment at all.

I have accidentally deleted someone's comment that I was reading from my IPod.  It is possible they did not mean to.  But in any event, I would just let it go.

It's also possible that they knew the comment would somehow touch a nerve, or something, and they didn't want to go there.  Maybe not for you, but for somebody else.  Or maybe the offshoot was something that the other people did together, didn't want to include any others, but didn't want to talk about in front of somebody not included, and so they thought it better not to respond and to delete your comment when you asked again.  It's a long shot.  But even if they weren't talking about an event.  Like maybe the conversation was about line art, and somebody mentioned stamping.  You asked about stamping, and nobody wanted to respond because they're all in a group that does stamping together, they don't want new members, and they didn't know anything to say that wouldn't be talking about it in front of you.


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