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Indian baby traditions


A coworker from India, who's about to be a first-time mom, sent the following message today,

"Hello everyone,

I would like to invite you all to a small function at my place on Tuesday August 27th. Please RSVP so I can have a head count to make dinner arrangements.

This function is called Dohale Jevan/Godbharai. It is celebrated when a woman enters her 7th month of pregnancy. Pregnant women start craving for different food items and on this day people offer different food items to the pregnant lady to find out what she likes and to guess what the gender of the baby would be. In the old days before technology advancements this was how family members tried to guess the baby's gender. Nowadays this is done just for fun and itís a good way for the lady to wear nice cloths and have a photo shoot ;)"

I'm wondering if it's customary to being a gift or food item to share, and what might be appropriate, and if there are any other fun customs associated with this celebration that might be handy to know about. Thanks!

Well, I've not attended one myself since it isn't typically done in Indian-Muslim culture, but as far as I know, people do bring gifts to the event.  I would not worry about bringing food as providing hospitality to guests is a big deal in most Indian based cultures.


Does that help? :)

Very much, Rohanna- thanks :)


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