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I think it depends on how you found out. If he felt comfortable.enough to.share his concerns directly, I don't see a problem. If somebody else told you, I wouldn' it.

gramma dishes:
I would not give/send a card. 

You're  hearing about this from the husband.  The wife might neither know her husband is discussing this with someone at work, nor appreciate it if she did know.   It's a very personal subject.  If I were the wife, I'd feel uncomfortable hearing 'uplifting' sentiments about something I didn't even want shared with you in the first place.

I think the husband is using you as a sounding board for his concerns rather than worry his wife further.  Consider his trust in you to be a compliment to you, so please don't blow it.


I think the card is primarily for him. He is worried about tje well being of his child and his wife. If.somebody mentioned their fears about health concerns threatening a loved one, I would get them a card because the fear helplessness are are terrible.

Thank you everyone! After thinking it over, I won't be giving a card.

It would just be too awkward.  :)

Thank you, Sharnita, your post came through while I was typing. Those were my initial feelings, however now I think that if I don't know him well enough to write a heartfelt message about such a sensitive subject, I'm probably not close enough to him.


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