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No, I will not risk going to jail... Waterlight's Spine Story #5 (UD #18)

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I have no problem believing that this person has no one who is willing to let her use their phone, chauffeur her around, or lend her money. She's asking a perfect stranger to commit major fraud for her - I'm sure she exhausted her family and friends' good will ages ago.

Miss March:

--- Quote ---Today, I opened my email and found a message from Whine and Cheese saying that because of "our mishap" she was having trouble getting a car loan.
--- End quote ---

"Because of OUR mishap," indeed. What a classic example of someone using "We" language to try and make this a problem you need to help her solve.


--- Quote from: BeagleMommy on August 22, 2013, 10:18:15 AM ---I wonder what she would have said if you had responded to the stolen items story with "We'll be happy to reschedule your orientation if you can provide a police report indicating that your phone and other items were stolen".

--- End quote ---

I would only recommend saying this if you were willing to do it.


--- Quote from: blue2000 on August 22, 2013, 01:14:24 PM ---Something about her story struck me as odd and I finally figured out what it was (besides the obvious conclusion that you dodged a bullet).

She says she couldn't call or come in for the last several days because she has lost her purse. She doesn't know anyone with a phone, or money to lend, or who could give her a ride, or anything. And she is telling you this as she is standing in your office. At work. The one she couldn't get to.

So how the heck could she get to work to tell you she couldn't get to work, if she couldn't get to work? Did the purse snatcher return her purse that morning?

--- End quote ---

Apparently, IF there is any truth to her story, she got the purse back later the same day she claimed it was stolen... which does strike me as odd.  TBH, the whole story smells like Bovine Excrement to me.  If nothing else, I'm sure that if she actually had filed a police report, the cops would've let her make the call to me from the station.

And I agree with Miss March's PP: 

--- Quote ---What a classic example of someone using "We" language to try and make this a problem you need to help her solve.
--- End quote ---

I know it's not up to me to take responsibility for the problem she created for herself with her no-call, no-show.  Her refusal to take responsibility for her actions is something that doesn't sit too well with me or my employer, to say the least.

I also know that if you WANT to get to work badly enough, or REALLY cannot get to work, you or someone who can speak for you in an emergency WILL find a way to either get there or let someone know why you can't.  I was in Urgent Care a couple of years back, in pain that required narcotics to get it under control, and I knew between the hours of waiting to see someone and the heavy-duty painkillers after I finally did get to see someone, I was going to miss work that day.  So I asked to use a phone to call my boss--and wouldn't you know it, a cell phone magically appeared in a nurse's hand when I needed one!    ;D

Anyway, minor update:  No Whine and Cheese today!  No phone calls, no emails, nothing.  Let's hope it stays that way.


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