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Thank you card for coworker's nice gesture?


Mrs. Tilney:
A few days ago, I came to my desk to find an envelope. Inside of the envelope was a GroupOn for a pizza place located near my office, with a note on the back from a coworker thanking me for my help and support. I've worked with this coworker for about a year, and in the past few months we've started to work more closely together as he helps with a certain aspect of my product line (which was an entirely new area for him). We've also gotten a bit closer as friends, as each of us has had other coworkers whom we've been close with leave our organization.

I immediately went to his office and thanked him verbally, and I most likely will use the GroupOn for a lunch with him. Is a written thank-you note also necessary? Would it be awkward to invite other coworkers if we go out? The coupon is good for $20, which would cover 2 people, but probably not 3. CW and I have lunch out together fairly regularly (maybe once a week), sometimes with other coworkers, sometimes without.

(He has a girlfriend with whom he lives and whom I've socialized with a number of times, so I doubt there's any romantic hopes on his side for this.)


As much as I love written notes, I think a written thank you would be overkill. Especially since the coupon was to thank you to begin with, that would get into a neverending hamster wheel of thank yous.
I am never sure about inviting other people when there is a coupon to be used. I know I personally would feel awkward; but I'm not sure it's actuallly innapropriate.

...and welcome aboard!  :) I just happened to notice the low post count. It's always nice to see new Ehellions.

I agree with hobish, especially since you'll be using the coupon with him and will probably (I know I would) verbally thank him again for the lunch, I think a written note would be overkill.

I don't see anything awkward about inviting other CWs to join you for lunch, since this is somewhat of a normal thing. If there's a bit left over on your coupon you could use the extra for the tip.

Mrs. Tilney:
I was thinking that it would be overkill--good to get the backup for that!

And thanks for the welcome! :) I've been lurking forever.

Did you let the person know that you received the gift?  check
Did you let the person know you appreciated the gift? check

Anyway, the coupon was a THank you...thanking for a thank you is too much.


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