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What do you do if someone asks if you've deleted their husband on FB?

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I would be cautious about my response given what you've said about him and their relationship.  I  have to wonder if his being FB friends with you gave him access to seeing what she was saying to her family.  another form of monitoring for him.

I would definitely stay away from making this about him, even if it totally is.  Perhaps a generic "well, I've spent some time a few months ago cleaning up my friend list since some posts were less relaxing and fun than I'd hoped when I joined FB."

Please pass the Calgon:
"Hmm, no...but I have notice that Facebook has been rather glitchy lately.  Some friends and I were just discussing that we all post a lot but rarely see each others stuff. Hopefully they get it sorted out soon!" Then beandip and leave things as they are.


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