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Need help with unfriendly coworker

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maybe just say to them "I'll discuss this with manager later so we can know how the work is to be divided."

I would absolutely take it to HR.  This is verging on hostile workplace territory and the person's speech and attitude reflects on the business in an extremely negative way.  Make detailed notes of everything she says that's negative, including date and time to take to HR.

shhh its me:
  IF I understand correctly she is raising her voice in front of customers to chastise you ?  Go directly to management .

You need to check with your employer but assuming they approve  I would say "excuse me " to the customer and then say " I am helping this customer at the moment I will be able to speak with you at XX time" (when I'm done with this transaction/in 15 minutes whatever is appropriate in your circumstances) return to your customer and ignore every further word she says.

I think you absolutely SHOULD bring this up with your supervisor.  This employee is upsetting your work environment.  That is something you should not have to work out on your own -- and I don't believe you *could* work it out on your own.  You need your employer's intervention. 

Tell your supervisor right away.  I have been in retail/retail management for a long time and this doesn't fly at all.  Any issues between co workers are to be farfarfar away from customers. 


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