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Prom king & queen...is this a real thing?

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I was watching a movie last night and they crowned a king & queen at a prom. I'm guessing that because it happens so often in movies that it is a real thing. Is that right? And how does it work? Do people just write random names on a piece of paper or is there some kind of pre prom voting system? Also are there kings & queens of other events?

Yes, it's a real thing, or at least at many schools. Not all schools necessarily do it. Generally there are nominations in advance to choose the "court", and on prom night the king and queen are announced.

If there's a prom king/queen, then there usually isn't a king/queen of other events. But some schools have something different in place of the prom court. When I was a kid, my school had the "coronation" -- a big school-wide event. A king and queen would be chosen of the senior class, the other high schoolers would be the royal court, and the lower classes would put on little skits and songs to entertain the court. I got to be one of the queen's train-bearers in 1st grade, and it was a huge deal. :)  That was a really small school, though. It couldn't have been done at the larger schools I went to. I heard even that school stopped doing it a while back.

Yes, it is a real thing at many US high schools.

There can also be a Homecoming King and Queen. Prom is the seniors' last dance before they graduate, and is usually a formal affair. Homecoming is usually in the fall, during football season, and is a day or weekend when graduates of the school return to campus for the "big game." The students will have a big dance that weekend, as well.

Typically, there is some sort of nomination and/or voting process for the King and Queen in the weeks leading up to the prom. In some schools, there may also be voting for junior, sophomore and/or freshman Princes and Princesses. The results are usually announced during the dance.

Yup definitely real. 

In my high school, the seniors (year 12) were prom King and Queen,  Juniors(year 11) were Prince and Princesses, Sophomores(year 10) were Dukes and Duchesses, and Freshmen(year 9) were Earls and Countesses.  All of the positions were voted on individually by members of that class. 

Homecoming King and Queen could be anyone from Sophomore-Seniors.  Freshmen were not allowed on the ballot, but they could vote. 

It works differently at different schools. In my experience,the students attending have to buy tickets ahead of time so there is a list of all the.girls and all the boys. From that list, people vote at the beginning of the evening. They announce king and queen toward the end of the evening. They aren't always dating each other.

Homecoming court is elected and then from the court king and qieen are elected.


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