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Prom king & queen...is this a real thing?

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In the schools in the areas we have lived there is a homecoming court.  Some courts are only seniors, some include representatives from each class.  In each case, the king/queen are chosen from the seniors.  I don't recall any schools having prom king/queens in the places we lived, though friends will talk about that.  When I was in high school, we had a homecoming queen only chosen from seniors and a winter snowball king/queen chosen from senior candidates.

I'm in Texas. During the holy season called football you have homecoming. For homecoming you must have a king and queen.

Prom King and Queen we didn't have. I think that would be a bigger deal at a school where Jr and/or Senior prom were the students first big formal dance.

The way it worked for us -
8th grade you took ballroom dance from the Smiths. Classes had no connection to the school district but were grouped by your HS. There were some exceptions Cousin C took the class with the kids that would go on to my HS, because her HS was in a different county and she knew a lot of kids from Church who would go to my HS. It was required that there be at least on blow out fight between rival HS between classes. (Why they scheduled rival schools one after the other I don't know.)

9 - 11 grade you were in Dance club. You paid dues, had a board, planned 4 - 5 dances a year.  Ranging from Hayride casual to very formal. I HATE that type of thing still by the time I was in 11th grade I had 10 or more formal dresses.

12th grade/senior year - some clubs kept going. One of my first cousins is in her 60's and their club still has 1 casual and 1 formal dance a year. Others disbanneded

Honestly by Prom time we had had it with formal dances. Most people just bought tickets to have a reason to stay out all night, rented limos, got wasted (Legally for most of them drinking age was 18 then), got hotel rooms and played scrabble. I stayed home. [size=78%]Those that did show made quite an impressions. Especially the group in the gold [/size]Mercedes[size=78%]  They got lost and stopped to ask the nice police officers for help. Which led to a lecture Monday over the [/size]announcements[size=78%] that if you got lost, especially in the 4th or 5th wards, don't stop and ask the police for help - when they have their guns out and 10 guys leaning on a wall being searched. [/size][size=78%]I went to school with idiots! By the time of Sis's prom it was announced if you bought a ticket but  did not show by X time and stay till the end your parents would be called. [/size]

I went to high school in Texas and we had a homecoming king and queen, but we did not pick them again for prom. The homecoming king and queen were seniors, and they were voted on by a process of nomination then election, with one person from the major cliques (band, sports, nerds, richy-rich kids and non-white kids (disclaimer--this is how it was seen broadly, not by me specifically; many nominees crossed boundaries and thus were exceptionally popular)) generally making it onto the court, and the jocks winning in the end. Some years a special ed kid or very popular nerd would have the edge, though.

Aside from the ceremony at halftime of the homecoming football game (all the nominees came out wearing their homecoming dresses or suits, and the winner was announced, with the girl given a big bouquet and maybe a tiara or sash), I don't recall it meaning a darn thing. We didn't have a parade or a special dance for the winners or anything. The nominees *might* have had to do a skit at a pep rally, but that's about all I recall.

We also had the 'superlatives' but I don't remember voting on them really mattering -- the yearbook staff had the final say, so their friends were generally picked as that grade's "most popular," "best dressed," "best couple," "most likely to succeed," etc.

We had homecoming king/queen and May king/queen. For homecoming, students could vote all of the preceding week (there was a ballot box in the Student Council room for this) and they announced the king/queen and the court at a coronation ceremony day or two before the dance. IIRC, there was one song at the dance where just the court danced. For homecoming, the court was made up of the 10 or so runners-up in the election. For May court, the faculty nominated the court and then students voted for a king and queen within that group. So while homecoming court was pretty much only the wealthy/athletic crowd, May court was a little more diverse. The May event was separate from prom and had the coronation and some staged dances, for which the dancers were also chosen by faculty nomination (this is where I came in!). Also known as an excuse to wear your prom dress again. ;)

We didn't have homecoming court, but did have Prom court. Just a King and Queen. How it worked was that there was one day that all the seniors filled out a ballot composed of the entire senior class. The top five of each gender was nominated on a general ballot, and the voting was open to the entire school, regardless of whether you had a ticket to Prom.

Prom was only open to juniors/seniors (years 11/12), and near the end of the night, the winners would be announced and they'd have a dance. It usually ended up at our school that they were dating. All the "popular" couples that were on the ballot made signs and posted them all over the school reminding people to vote for them.

Personally, I always understood it to be nothing more than the popularity contest it was and never paid it too much attention. None of my friends ever made it on the ballot, and the people that did wouldn't have ever given me a second look in the hallways, so I kind of ignored the whole thing.


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