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Suggestions for fun hair highlight colors?

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Sooo...I need a pick me up and I thought maybe I'd do just a bit of highlighting or something in the front of my hair.  My hair is lighting brown, about 40% gray...I'm fortunate to have that really nice gray that initially people thought was an awesome highlighting job.  I actually don't mind the gray at all...I just need something to boost my spirits.

I've done a blonde chunk in the front in the past, so I don't really want to do that again.  I always consider my hair and skin to be cool versus warm...I thought maybe something coppery would be fun...I thought too about doing a lowlight instead of a highlight.

I want something that will grow out easily when I get sick of it...I get tired if stuff quickly.

Thoughts or suggestions?

It actually hit me the other day that if/when I start to go white (happens late but quickly in my family), I'll finally be able to dye my hair bright pink or blue and not have to bleach it and ruin the texture first  ;D

try clip in's first.  You can get them from most beauty supply places pretty inexpensively.  it's a great way to try new colors with no commitment.  Have you also tried tinting your gray? 

There's also temporary chalks and paints that I've seen.

There was a lady I saw the other day.  She had black hair with highlights that were between tomato red and rust.  It was very subtle but absolutely stunning. 


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