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There are still honest people out there


Over the weekend, 4 young men went to a store, to pick up a couple of items. They didn't realize the store was actually closed, since the lights were on, and the front door unlocked, so in they went, picked up the items they wanted, and then went looking for an employee. When no one appeared, they went up to the register, and in front of the security cameras, waved their money, and then left it on the counter. Including extra to cover the tax! Other people might have simply walked out with the merchandise, but they didn't.

What they didn't know was they tripped the alarm, and when the owner reviewed the security footage, he saw what they did. And they were rewarded by the owner.  The manager said, "i want to call your moms!"  It's sad that in this day and age stuff like this doens't happen very often, but I just thought this was such a nice story. As an ex BS's grandmother once said "they were well brought up"

I guess this could also go in the 'Professional Darwinism' thread for the employee who left the store unlocked and lights on!

So nice to see good news stories!

There was a local news story a couple weeks ago about a man who donated some things to Goodwill Thrift shop and forgot he left $600 in the hidden pocket of a jacket.  A store employee returned the money to him.


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