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I finally started up a LinkedIn profile, figuring it was time to build my business contacts and "cast my bread upon the water" so to speak. Looking around, I see where members can post recommendations and endorsements on other member's profiles. I'm not sure what the etiquette for this is, however- who initiates? What should one say? Any other suggestions?

Many thanks!

As far as actual written recommendations, you can send a request and ask a colleague (former or current) to write you a recommendation, or you can just write one for someone if you want even if not asked. The subject of the recommendation gets to approve or reject it, so there is no harm in just writing one for someone if you are inclined to.

As for endorsements, LinkedIn itself will ask you to endorse people in your contacts each time you log in. You can do so or you can skip. Because of how they are solicited, they are mostly meaningless. Personally I do try to be honest in endorsements, I will only endorse someone if I personally know for a fact the person is actually good at the skill listed, but some people seem to just agree to all of them (I've been endorsed by friends for "copy editing" for example... and I really only even have the vaguest idea what they even means, I certainly  have never done it professionally.)

I agree, endorsements on LinkedIn are meaningless.

It's pretty common to request recommendations, and to offer to write one in return. (So don't ask for a recommendation from someone you can't say anything nice about!)

I must say that recommendations on LinkedIn are usually meaningless. Most of them are reciprocal: "I will recommend you if you recommend me". I do not do this because of the principle involved. I write recommendations for those I feel deserve them, and I never request them.

If someone I recommend writes one for me, I usually do not publish it on my profile.

I was just going to post a thread about this myself, when I saw this.

Because I was wondering the same thing. I recently put up a profile; many of the contacts I have on there are friends, and they keep endorsing my skills even though they actually have no idea whether or not I am any good at what I do, since they only know me in a friend capacity. And now I wonder if I am supposed to endorse them. But I don't know anything about their skill levels either, so it does seem completely meaningless.


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