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Is David Letterman really funny?

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Dear E-hellions, I live in Europe and recently had the chanche to watch several episodes of "The Late Show"on tv. I was pretty excited because the only US tv show we get to watch is the Oscars night. So, I thought the Late Show was some kind of amazing night show, since local tv producers bothered to buy it and broadcast it.
Instead, I was...meh. The top ten is fine and the guests are always big names, but Letterman himself? Looks like he delivers his lines poorly, to me.
Is it just me? Am I not getting his humor? Is it a US thing (just like non-British people can find hard to get British humor)? Is it actually Letterman not so funny?

I'm American and I don't think he's funny. I far prefer Jon Stewart. To be fair, though, I find British humor much more to my taste so I'm probably not the best representative.  :P

I don't care at all for Letterman either.


I find him mildly amusing at times.  I think he's overrated.

I never found him amusing.  As far as I'm concerned he's a jerk.


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