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Author Topic: Trying to do what's right! Frustrating.  (Read 4011 times)

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Re: Trying to do what's right! Frustrating.
« Reply #15 on: October 15, 2013, 06:08:30 PM »
A coworker's parents had over 2k(!) credited to their electric bill.  They kept trying to fix it for about a year.  They got nowhere with the clueless/uncaring employees so they filed away proof that they tried, and just let it be.

This happened to my father many years ago with the gas company. Somehow he was billed for over $2k. When he finally got that error straightened out, on his next bill he found that instead of resetting the balance back to 0, they gave him a credit of the $2k.

After months of arguing, my father dutifully paid his bill . . . into a separate savings account. Which was a good thing because eventually the gas company figured everything out and asked him to pay up for all the past bills.

I knew a guy who had his paycheck accidentally paid twice - he left the money in savings for the ten years it took the accounting office to realize where the error was - then when his paycheck got shorted one month in the original amount (plus a small amount of interest) - he closed that savings account into his checking account (with enough interest to cover the interest he was having to "pay" them) and used the funds that month.  He thought it was funny - but ONLY because he knew enough not to spend the "windfall" and be caught short of funds later when his paycheck got held up!
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Re: Trying to do what's right! Frustrating.
« Reply #16 on: October 15, 2013, 06:16:25 PM »
A friend of mine was let go from her job.  The owners of the company were not very fair with her about severance pay and she had to fight them for what she was due.  When they finally did pay up on her severance, somehow, they paid her twice.  She promptly put the money in a high interest savings account, locked in for 30 days.  She figured it would take them that long to find their error.  It was really rather ironic since she was their bookkeeper and they let her go for someone who had the degree she lacked.  And that was the person who made the mistake.

They did find their error about a week before the account was unlocked; she sent a cheque back, postdated for that day and kept the interest it earned in that 30 days.
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