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  I've bought a smaller table top grill ( propane, but table top) specifically for grilling stuff for my vegetarian friends when I do bbq's, because I don't want to risk them getting meat juice on their food.

  I could use some suggestions for what and how to grill veggies - I've tried tin foil pockets with butter substitute and they were OK but I could use some suggestion for other options, if anyone cares to share their favourite options

When we do it we just put the veggies right over the flame in a grilling basket (so no foil). You can toss them with olive oil first but we generally just season them. We've done asparagus, bell peppers, tomatoes and zucchini with success. Thick slices of grilled pineapple are fantastic, too! I don't generally like onion but for some reason slices of grilled onion like you get on kabobs are really good. I haven't tried it but I've heard corn on the cob is good, I think you leave it in the husk and wrap it in foil?

I can't help with technique because DH does the grilling over our wood burning fire pit.

We do ours straight on the grill, no foil.  I love trying different seasoning mixes on them or just a drizzle of olive oil with salt and pepper.  Onions, zucchinis, squash, asparagus, bell peppers, corn, eggplant - really anything that isn't too watery or will fall apart on the grill. 

Outdoor Girl:
I've grilled asparagus, with a little bit of olive oil brushed on.  I've done it loose on the grill and I've also taken smaller wood skewers and put them through the butts and tops of the spears so I was able to flip the whole package at the same time.

I've grilled pepper quarters, too, with a little brush of olive oil on the skin side.  I have discovered, though, that you can't prep meals ahead with them - they give off a lot of liquid when reheated from the fridge or freezer.

When I do kebabs with chunks of peppers, red onion, zucchini, whatever else you want to put on there, I do a separate skewer of small tomatoes.  I find the tomatoes cook faster than everything else and are about to fall off if you put them on with the other veggies.

You can take the husks off the corn and grill it direct, too.  It'll get some blackened bits, though.  Or you can take the unhusked corn, soak it in water and then grill it.  It'll steam in the husks.

My vegetarian friends have used one of those perforated baskets specifically for grilling veggies and tossed them around in there like they were doing a stir fry.  Those were good, too.

I bought a new grill a while ago, with three separate burners.  I've kept the grill over the right most burner clear of meat so when I have my vegetarian friends over, they can have a 'clean' section of grill.

My favourite way to do potatoes on the grill?  Either slice them or chunk them, with the skin still on.  Spray the foil with Pam or use a little olive oil.  Put the potatoes on then add fresh garlic, wild leeks (you could use onion, instead), a couple of fresh sprigs of rosemary, seasoned salt and pepper, then drizzle with olive oil.  Wrap up the foil and bake on the barbecue until done.  Remove the rosemary sprig when serving so no one gets the 'tree'.  The leaves left behind are fine.

I like veggie shish kebabs. Cherry tomato, olive, mushroom, zucchini, onion, pepper. . . all delicious. (And Outdoor Girl is right. . . the cherry tomatoes sometimes fall off.)

Whole portobellos are always a hit, as are thick slices of eggplant. For an easy-as-heck marinade, just use bottled Italian dressing (or prepare a packet of the powdered stuff).

You can grill bread and/or pizzas, too.

Extra firm tofu can also be grilled, but make sure the grill is well-seasoned, as it may try to stick. (Brush with barbecue sauce as it's cooking, then pour on a bit more at the end. Fabulous on a sandwich with cole slaw and pineapple.)

You're really sweet for thinking of your veggie friends. We appreciate the effort!


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