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Types of houses

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Following on from a question in the "This might be a stupid question" thread I was wondering whether different styles of house are just called different things in different countries (try and I might I cannot work out what a duplex is)

In the UK you tend to get detached houses which can vary from a house on it's own plot of land with no neighbours to something in a residential street, like this:

Then there are semi-detatched houses which are houses which share a common wall with one neighbour, like this:

And terraced houses which are a row of houses all attached to each other, like this:

There are also back-to-back houses which are like two rows of terrace houses stuck onto each other at the back (so you don't have a rear exit in the house).

I've left off flats (apartments) because I couldn't think how to find pictures to illustrate the different types.

Just a quick post. . . our US "duplex" is your UK semi-detached house. :)

Thanks!  I was thrown because I was sure I'd seen people talking about people having the upstairs of a duplex but maybe I just got confused.

Outdoor Girl:
Canada here.  Detached, semi-detached, townhomes would be our terminology.  Duplex might be used but it is often more for a house that is split horizontally, rather than vertically.  So the ground floor is one unit and the upstairs is another.

There is also another type of home here called 'linked'.  These homes share a foundation but not walls.  Or if they share a wall, it is a garage wall, not a living space wall.  It is almost a cross between detached and semi-detached.  They are sometimes done to fit more homes into a neighbourhood that they are able to charge more for because they don't share walls but they are cheaper because the foundations aren't completely separate so there is less back filling to do.

Diane AKA Traska:
What you call terraced or townhouses, we call rowhomes.  I live in one, and I swear to FSM, I never will again.  All the downsides of home ownership AND apartment living.


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