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RG III wedding thank you notes

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--- Quote from: kglory on September 03, 2013, 06:43:16 PM ---I am a HUGE lifelong Skins fan and a huge fan of RGIII! He is such a class act in every way.  The way he acts, speaks, behaves -- he has a great work ethic, respectful, humble, and classy.

So it doesn't surprise me to learn that he sent hand-written thank you notes.  RGIII is the real deal.  He's the rare athlete you DO want as your kids' role model.

--- End quote ---

Me, too!  Since this thread was started, he's been taking some hits in the media for the way he responds to the non-stop scrutiny, but I'd challenge anyone to do better at this kind of scrutiny.  He's not on reality TV begging for it - it just follows him.

RGIII got married  >:( >:( >:(
There went my chance!!!
Doggone it.

I was born a Cowboys fan. I'm from Texas so I'm legally obligated to hate the Redskins but I have to say, I adore RG3!  (shhhh...!!!) 

Now that I live in DC, it's been fun to go see the Skins and the Boys play!  :))

Love RG3 but go True Blue!!!


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