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Doesn't sound as good using the initials...

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There is a faith-based financial planning seminar called Financial Peace University. Which is kind of a cool name - but, somehow, when you use the initials, it...doesn't sound right.

Of course that would also apply to Florida University or Pennsylvania University

(I hope I didn't duplicate an acronym thread. I couldn't find one, so I figured if there was one, it was old.)

When I was working, my pay checks were written by the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences.  It was a very liberal and inclusive institution.

However, BIAS didn't quite get across the message they wanted to convey. 

Delia DeLyons:
My BFF and I always called one of our buddies at work VD (her initials)... Not behind her back or in a catty way, that's just what we called her, she laughed about it, she (VD) has our same sense of humor.

I saw an ad on TV this past weekend for a technical school called UTI. Ummmmm, I think I don't want that on my graduation certificate or diploma.

Delia, those are my initials after I married.

At the job I was in at the time we signed everything with out initials and the other ladies I worked with giggled every time they saw it. For months. Good thing I have a sense of humour!


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