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Why didn't I congratulate you?

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She was absurd.

I also vote SS to the max!

Besides, unless she had announced that the name change was due to marriage, it could have been due to divorce (or as recently happened at work, sex change !!), which is not something you would generally "congratulate" people on...

She's probably trolling for a "we just got married" perk / discount / gift

My mother raised me to say "congratulations" to a groom but not to a bride.  One used "best wishes" or some other platitude to the bride.  Mom said that to say "congratulations" to a bride was an insult.

Therefore, based on my mother's criteria, the OP was actually being properly polite.

"I do not know the circumstances of your marriage, so I was unaware if Congratulations were appropriate."

A loon and complete loon.


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