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Ovenless biscuit question

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I have no oven where I live. All the other parts of the kitchen are normal, but there is nothing approximating an oven.

I also enjoy making biscuits, and haven't managed it satisfactorily in a microwave. I'm worried about trying it in a frying pan on the stove in case it ruins something.

Can this be done with normal biscuit batter? What about the cooking time? I'm planning on just waiting until they look about right, but what should I expect--5 minutes or half an hour? Do I need to flip them like pancakes?

Google gives me very mixed results, so I thought I'd find out if anyone here has done this. Thanks to anyone who has experience they're willing to share!

I haven't done it myself aside from flat breads, but I found this article written by a woman who was in your position and she really seems to know what she is doing.  It also has recipes:

Biscuits are on page 3

I believe you could make them in a cast iron skillet. Cast iron usually works well for stovetop-cooking things that are traditionally done in the oven. If you google "cast iron biscuits" there are tons of recipes.

I'm wondering if something like this would work?

I'm assuming when you say biscuits, you mean sweet, flat dough based things? Not the 'biscuits and gravy' sort of biscuits served in the US South with savory dishes?

Either way, honestly, I'd look into a large toaster oven - but with sweet (US cookies) there are lots of no-bake options. Savory ones don't do so well without prolonged, indirect heat - you might look into campfire cookery for some alternate methods, as that's the closest thing I can think of. Sorry I can't give you a straight answer.


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