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Ovenless biscuit question

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Outdoor Girl:
I agree with looking at outdoor cooking ideas.  I have an Outback Oven that lets me bake on a camping stove.  My brother uses a cast aluminum dutch oven on little legs and bakes in that on trips, using wood fire on the lid.  That's not going to work so well in your kitchen, though.   :)

I've actually had reasonable success w/ biscuits and muffins in toaster ovens. 

My old garage sale toaster oven was perfect (and, FWIW, a 'jiffy mix' makes 6 large muffins.  a 6 hole muffin pan just *BARELY* fits into a standard toaster oven.  Ta-da :))

Look for a Dutch oven biscuit recipe and try that in a Dutch oven if you have one or a heavy skillet with a tight lid.

Here's a nice blog about Dutch oven cooking.

Layla Miller:
Would an aebleskiver/pancake puff pan work?  I've never used one myself, but I know a lot of people like them.

Harriet Jones:
Probably the easiest option would be the toaster oven if you have room (and the budget) for it.


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