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Tea Drinker:
This is on the "Coffee Break" board.

There's a thread on ridiculous criticisms from parents. It's now up to 11 pages, according to the display. The first ten pages are readable normally. When I try to get to the 11th page, either by using "next page" from page 10 or by clicking on the "11" at the list of topics, I get a "file not found" from an unrelated site (one of those annoying ones that ignores the browser "back" button, so I have to pull down the list of recent pages and click on the one for EHell).

The URL I am trying to reach is

What I am being sent to is

Is the page you're getting redirected to one you've visited recently, either deliberately or accidentally?

My first thought is to clear your cache and try again.

Outdoor Girl:
I just clicked on your first link with no issues.  So it just seems to be a little gremlin in there somewhere.

Tea Drinker:
It might be partly a caching problem, but that part of EHell this morning is the first time I ever saw that redirect--either the URL it was pointing to or the image.

ETA: I just cleared the cache, and then went back to the Coffee Break folder. This time, I got a glimpse of what looked like an EHell thread page, and then the stupid "ha, ha, we don't have what you're looking for" witch picture reappeared.

Ugh! I don't know what it could be, then - I've been following that thread and had no problems.


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