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Do you have an electric kettle?

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I am in Australia and here an electric kettle is an essential part of a kitchen, mainly used to boil water for tea or instant coffee, but also useful for boiling water for other purposes.

I was speaking to a friend from the U.S. and somehow the subject of my kettle came up.  She does not have one and does not see why such a thing would be useful let alone essential.  She does not drink tea and her coffee is made in a coffee maker; if she has to boil water she uses a pot or the microwave.

I cannot imagine a kitchen without a kettle and I was wondering how many people get along perfectly happily without one.

My BF has an electric kettle with different settings for different types of tea. His biggest problem is the fact that his kitchen barely has any outlets. The only place to put it is the stovetop anyway.

I don't have a kettle at all. Or a microwave. If I want tea I have to boil water on the stovetop, which is annoying. My sister and mom each have a kettle to heat water, but it goes on the stove. I'm jealous. I have boxes and cannisters of tea that I can't make very well because pouring boiling water from an open pot to a mug isn't exactly easy.

The only other thing I would use it for is if I needed to steam an envelope open. It's easier with a direct line of steam rather than a big plume, but for general water boiling purposes, it's usually being used to cook something that's just going to be added to the pot.

ETA: I'm in the US, if that makes a difference.

This trans antlantic folder never ceases to amaze me!  And I know lots of people in RL from lots of places around the world - I guess these little details just don't come up in conversation often!

Yes I have an electric kettle as does nearly every person I know.   I'm in Australia.

US here.  I have an electric kettle.  Love it to pieces-I use it for hot beverages, heating water for cooking or canning when I need to add hot water to something that is already going, and for making instant soup in a cup.

However, I did spend a lot of years without one.  If I needed hot water, I either boiled it on the stovetop or in the microwave.  I then got a stovetop kettle, and used it some.  But for a single cup, the microwave was often still the easiest bet. 

Outdoor Girl:
Canadian here, with British roots a couple of generations or so back.

I have always had an electric kettle - an absolutely essential piece of kitchen equipment.  I'm a tea drinker and don't drink coffee at all so it gets used every morning I have breakfast at home.  We have one in the kitchen at work, too.

I also use it when a recipe calls for hot water.  That way, I can use fresh run cold water rather than water that's been sitting in my hot water tank, gathering metals and plastisizers and who knows what else, in something I'm going to consume.

cwm, I had to use a pot when staying at a friend's place.  The trick?  Put your mug in the sink and then pour.  That way, it doesn't matter if you spill a little.


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