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Do you have an electric kettle?

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1lt of 55/13 degree water reached boiling in 4 min at 50 ft above sea level in the US this morning. I do remember my kettle in Oz being so much faster.

Mel the Redcap:
We put filtered water in our kettle, and we keep the filter jug in the fridge, so starting from pretty cold - 1l of water takes 3m 16s in my spiffy new kettle. Which looks very cool while boiling. ;)

US Deep South here.  We started with a stove top kettle, moved up to an electric kettle, then traded that in on a Zojirushi water heater.  We drink lots of tea.  The Zo heats the water and then holds it at temperature.

I used to have a kettle, til my ex spilled cooking oil into it :/.  I use toe coffee maker to heat water for tea now, but I miss my kettle for sure.

I bought one! A Melitta stainless steel kettle to replace my cracked kettle. We love it and it gets a lot of use every day.


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