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Do you have an electric kettle?

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UK, an electric kettle is essential.

Please don't boil water in the microwave, it can be really dangerous (it can become superheated, and xplode when you take it out).


NYC, here.

We were given a Russel Hobbs kettle as a Wedding present.  It was nice but we didn't use it very much.  After a few years, we passed it off to a friend who admired it.

Coffee is our morning drink and we have a Braun for that.

We now use a traditional whistling kettle when we  have tea. 

U.S. here.  I have one, but I originally bought it for canning, where I needed boiling water for lids and the like, but the stove top is already crowded.  Most people I know use the microwave or stove top.  If they use a lot of boiling water, they have a stove-top kettle with a whistle.

I also have a hot water dispenser in the sink.  It doesn't reach boiling temperature, though, and is mostly used for getting a start on boiling water for pasta, or for washing a few dishes.  It takes about a gallon of cold water to go through the pipes before the hot water reaches the kitchen sink.

Aussie here.

I have a stovetop kettle. Love the whistle. Doesn't feel like a real cuppa without it. Definitely in the minority tho - everyone else I know has an electric kettle.

Also have a coffee maker (the kind with pods) but don't use it that much.


I have never even seen an electric kettle (not in stores, not at the homes of friends or relatives) in real life. The only place I've ever seen or heard or heard of them on from British TV shows. I just can't imagine anyone boiling so much water to be poured that one would need a device that only does that. In every home I know they simply use a pot on the stove for boiling or if there is a lot of tea drinking in the home maybe a stovetop kettle.


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