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Dear E-Hellions,

   I think I must work in the most anomalous “business” situation on Earth.  It is an academic/clinical setting but things that people post here about proper business etiquette simply do not exist where I work.  I wish they did.

   I posted back in December or so in the Professional Darwinism thread about a woman in our newly merged department who was having screaming matches with the new supervisor over her job performance review, etc.  How do we know this?  It was impossible to ignore the volume and content of these screaming matches even through a closed door!  In at least one of these “meetings” the administrator was present and his volume was just as loud as the other two.

   In the end it was the supervisor who was terminated in May (on the premise of a duplicated position in the new department) and not the worker but termination proceedings had been started on the worker.  Now apparently those proceedings have not been continued.

   In the meantime the two original departments have un-merged and our group has merged with a different (thankfully saner) department.

But that’s not the end of the drama.  This past Thursday this same worker had another screaming match this time with her director in an open hallway on our floor for all to see and hear.  She then took Friday off without giving a reason to her new supervisor.

So I am wondering in which universe is this kind of behavior acceptable?  How does this not demean the authority and respect that needs to be given to those in positions above?  And how does someone like this keep getting away with it with no consequences?

Because they have pictures of their supervisors in compromising positions with goats?  I have worked with people who only communicated by throwing screaming fits and for some reason, they never got fired!  My last job, I had an employee that was argumentative when corrected and she made the mistake in getting in my face one day (to argue about being told she was argumentative!).  I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, miserable and not in the mood.  She got her walking papers right there.  She tried to fight it with unemployment but had been written up over it numerous times and there were too many witnesses of her cornering a pregnant woman and screaming in her face..she lost!  I would suggest you start looking for a job where the supervisors can actually reign in unruly co workers.

As long as management lets it happen and takes no action, it will continue. I know at my PT retail job (different setting though) one of the associates had a screaming match with the store manager. I know because i walked in on them, in teh back, going to get something for a customer. I don't know if she quit on the spot, or was told to leave, but she was no more after that. and I know the mgr. wouldn't hesitate to do the same with anyone else.

They keep their jobs because they scare the crap out of people.

People will always follow the road of last resistance. They'll put up with LONG TERM trouble to avoid immediate trouble.

I have also worked in an environment like that. It is demoralizing to see people who realllly should be fired kept on or worse yet, given promotions, raises and accoladees. Especially when good employees are let go with no notice to save money for the perks for the incompetents who must have dirty pictures of the boss. I also find it astonishing, but no  longer surprising, that the bosses who make these bone-headed decisions do not understand not only how demoralizing it is, but how these situations diminish loyalty to the organization and respect for the boss individually.

There was one situation I witnessd that was a textbook case for how not to run an organization. A supervisor inserted herself into a contract negotiation she had no business being involved with  --although on paper she was in charge of that area, she had NO knowledge or understanding of contract negotiations in general or this contract in particular. (The actual contract negotiator was on vacation.) Because she was ignorant and inexperienced, she took the carefully negotiated contract that was in our advantage and basically, undid everything to a boilerplate. When the negotiator came back, she just about died. She pointed out to TPTB that this "new" contract was going to cost us THOUSANDS of extra dollars and cause all sorts of problems.  Guess who was praised at the next staff meeting fir her dedication and hard work? Guess who got a raise at the end of the year?  Guess which department had a morale problem and saw their productivity plummet?


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