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So you want me to pay more, when I've already paid less?

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I was so excited I actually got to use this phrase! And it was the perfect response in the moment!

B/G: I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding, friend (K) and I have known each other since Jr. High, and I know her mom decently well. About a month ago we all went (6 bridesmaids total) to pick out our dresses and agreed on a lovely style. However, they aren't cheap, so everyone made arrangements to get the dresses at a later time (a few were going to look on line, others were doing payments with the store, ect), myself included. End B/G.

I am a frequent thrift shopper. I love thrift stores, second hand shops, ect. I find a good amount of my wardrobe at these stores and am quiet well seasoned at finding the "good stuff" (or turning the "bad stuff" into "good stuff") and this weekend I hit up a half price sale at my local goodwill. Well imagine my surprise as I was pursuing the dresses to find...the exact bridesmaid dress I needed! At a very, very steep discount! Only downside was it was a size too big for me, so I knew I'd either have to take it in or take it to my tailor to take it in. Even taking that expense into consideration it would still be considerably less then the bridal store.

I tried it on and sent a picture to my friend K (BTB) to make sure it was the right one and bought it (even if I was wrong, it was cute dress for good deal). I get a text back from K to say it looks great and can I come over to her mom's house and show her and her mom in person. Sure, no problem, I grabbed the shoes I was going to wear with it so they could see the whole "look" and headed over.

I try it on, mom and K are happy as clams. Mom does notice it looks a bit big and I confirm that it is one size bigger and that I'll have it taken in, which confuses Mom, did the store not have my size? Why not just order the right size and have it shipped to store? At which point I say I didn't buy it at the store I found it at a thrift store (K was already aware of this as I had texted her "look what I found at goodwill!"). Mom gives me a smile nods, hmms, and I say I'm going to go change back into my street clothes. I head upstairs and Mom follows me and corners me in the bedroom to let me know I couldn't wear this dress, it was used and I needed to go buy the one from the bridal store. I kind of stare at her blankly, and ask why I should go spend considerably more on an identical dress just because of where it comes from. Her response is that money isn't an issue for me like some of the other girls, so I have no excuse to not pay full price for my dress.

I smile at her say "Since K seems to be happy with this dress, this is the dress I'll be wearing" to which she replies "You need to go to the bridal store and buy it new" at which point (still with a smile) I say "That just isn't going to be possible, now if you'll excuse me, I need to get changed", I picked up my street clothes and slipped into the bathroom to change my clothes.

I know this isn't over. I've already gotten three emails about it. Two from Mom, one from K saying "I'm just glad you have the dress, I don't care if you bought it at a brand new store on the 7th moon of Jupiter". I figure Mom will find something else to fret over soon enough and forget all together where my dress came from.

Did discover one difference, mine has pockets!!! You can't see them when the dress is on, but they are there!! Pockets!!!!

Well done and nicely used! Although I worry for your friend. Hopefully this situation was atypical of her, but the mother might turn out to be a bridezilla-by-proxy.

As a thriftaholic myself, I gotta say...great score!

Ooohhh, pockets - the one thing that most women's formal wear is sadly missing!

Now you won't need one of those cute but nearly useless tiny bags to carry around a comb, lipstick, money, ID, and the like - just slide them into a pocket!

Great story!


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