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So you want me to pay more, when I've already paid less?

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Layla Miller:
Can I just say as a Doctor Who fan that I heard you saying "Pockets!" in Donna Noble's voice?  ;D

Mental Magpie:
What a perfect place to use the phrase!  I'm glad you remembered it!


--- Quote from: GlitterIsMyDrug on September 09, 2013, 05:00:55 PM ---Her response is that money isn't an issue for me like some of the other girls, so I have no excuse to not pay full price for my dress.
--- End quote ---

Woaah! If she gives you that line again, use the next EHell phrase (which you can save in your pockets - yay for pockets, I never carry a purse) and say "What an interesting assumption!"

Good for you for getting the dress at Goodwill! What a find! Glad that K is rational and reasonable and not a bridezilla. And good for you for using your EHell phrase "I'm afraid that won't be possible."

Next time use my mom's favorite phrase on her: "Boy, you sure do enjoy spending other people's money"  8)

If it is the same dress as the dress store, I would just tell her, "Ok, I will get right on that!".   

Day of wedding, when she comments on how nice your bridal dress is, especially since it came from bridal store, then I might or might not let her know that it actually was from the original store or maybe just a Thank you.


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