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What is on your kitchen bench?

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In the toaster and kettle threads I noticed that several people mentioned that they would never get said appliance as they wouldn't want to waste the space on their kitchen counter/bench. This made me curious as the only electric appliance that stays on our bench is the kettle. All others; toaster, rice cooker, slow cooker etc are kept in the cupboard and brought out when needed. I understand this may vary for those in small apartments with limited storage.

So, what lives permanently on your kitchen bench?

As an aside, I would always say kitchen counter (British) whilst my NZ husband would always say kitchen bench!

But to answer, on the counter tops: toaster, kettle, juicer, knife rack, coffee machine, garlic pot, vitamins and supplements, fruit bowls, container of baby bottles, container of baby food, a wooden chopping board and a wooden salt box.

On the kitchen window sill live: 2 peace lilys, a pot of fresh basil, pepper and salt grinders, tea/coffee/sugar pots, bread bin, pot of change and children's sippy cups.

I have a tiny kitchen bench, so all that sits on it (and takes up most of the space) is the dish drainer and sink implements.

Toaster, kettle and Thermomix as far as appliances go. I also keep out the wooden chopping board, a knife block and a utensil holder with my most used utensils such as tongs and wooden spoon (I could actually probably throw out all the ones in the drawer).

Coffee machine, two utensil jars, microwave, knife block, rocking knife & board, tea/coffee caddys, sugar shaker, kettle, water filter.

We have quite a small kitchen so we don't own a toaster and the George Foreman grill, Magimix and stick blender live in the cupboards.


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