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For some reason, all of my posts show up with extreme double spacing even though I am only hitting enter twice (once to move to the new line, once for an ordinary space between).

If I only hit enter once, there is NO space between paragraphs, but if I hit enter twice, there is two spaces between paragraphs. How do I get just one space between like everyone else?! I feel like a complete idiot but I can't get it to work.

(Edited: I put only one space between the paragraphs when typing, but when I hit "post", it made it into two spaces. And when I clicked "Modify", I was able to see in the input screen that there were now two spaces. What am I doing wrong?)

Harriet Jones:
I don't think it's the forum that's the problem.  The formatting in your post looks fine to me.

It looks fine to me too. It might be browser settings that's making the formatting look weird.


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