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'Homemade' Tea Bags - How do?

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Ok, after getting sucked into my local chain tea shop (and buying way too much tea - if such a thing is possible) I ended up picking up these neat DIY teabag filter things. Only they don't seem to come with any instructions on how to properly close them once you put the loose leaf tea in. Anyone have any idea?

You can just give them a twist and tie a knot or you can just fold them over.  I personally use the knot method as I'm afraid the tea is going to float out or something.

Thanks. I'll try the knot method tonight since some of the teas I got were really interesting and I'd love to try them out.

Mine closes with heat at the top. I went out to 5 below and got a cheap flat iron.  Now I just match the seams up, give it some heat and drop into my cup.

If you have a MOM's near you they sell french press cups specifically for tea.

Did your teabags say on the packaging/in the instructions that they're heat closing? Or did you discover that on your own.

I don't think there's a MOM's near me since I've never heard of that chain, but the I think I've seen something similar for sale in my local Teavana.


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