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Author Topic: What adult movies would you allow your kids to see *SO of Snowflakes thread  (Read 16668 times)

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Re: What adult movies would you allow your kids to see *SO of Snowflakes thread
« Reply #75 on: September 16, 2013, 04:40:34 PM »
My parents were pretty lenient with me as a kid. My dad and I used to watch a lot of action and adventure movies together. My favorite movies were the Schwarzenegger Conan/Red Sonja trio (some dark stuff in those) and The Pirate Movie (rude humor). Every evening after school I watched reruns of Cheers and Night Court--my favorite character on Night Court was Dan the womanizer. Loved Grease and Dirty Dancing, too. This was elementary school, so <10 years old. A lot of the stuff that was just "talk" went over my head.

But we didn't watch Golden Girls or Mama's Family or that sitcom with Nell Carter because my mom didn't like the kind of humor in them. And movies tended to get turned off pretty fast if they had bad language (The Breakfast Club) or really explicit violence (RoboCop). Or animal death/violence, that was something I was really sensitive to--any kind of "animal movie" we just didn't even try, like Lassie or Milo & Otis. The flying monkeys in Wizard of Oz and the Ewok-killing scenes in Return of the Jedi traumatized me so much that I didn't watch either movie in full for about twenty-five years.

I was talking to my 11-year-old cousin the other day and she's started reading the Harry Potter books. She was telling me that the deal was, if she read the book first, she could then watch the movie based on the book, although that rule was going to change soon because the movies go from PG to PG-13 at, I think, number 4 or 5. And, recently she was unable to rewatch the first movie, because her 6-year-old sister was there and her parents thought it would be too much for her. Blew my mind, because I didn't remember my parents putting restrictions like that on me--of course I didn't have any siblings, either, so there was no second child to take into account. But I feel like with most things, it wasn't my parents saying, "No, you can't watch this," it was me saying, "No, I don't want to watch this." Maybe that just means they did their job well! ;)

I'd catch the occasional episode of Golden Girls in my teen years (I'm a full-blown fan now), and all my mom said against it was, "Why are you watching a show about four old ladies?" To be fair, she and Dad had let violinp and me watch Johnny Quest when we were 7 and CSI when we were 9 (I saw the furries episode when I was 12, and that was a ton more traumatizing than hearing about Blanche's wild nights).

With the book/movie thing, my mom had to lay down the law sometimes. For example, I wanted to go see Passion of the Christ when she had to review the movie. I tried telling her that I'd read the story four different ways, and that I wouldn't scream at all. Mom, knowing better, told me no, and said later that the sound effects would have had me in tears. But in general, both violinp and I were really intelligent kids who knew when we shouldn't be watching certain movies or TV shows.

I distinctly remember Mom getting upset when I was a kid about Deadwood when I decided to watch an episode with Dad, but I told violinp a couple of days ago regarding that, "Honestly, if I wanted to listen to that many uses of the f-word, I'd go stub my toe instead." I wasn't really bothered by much that wasn't a horror movie or crime drama when I was a kid.

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