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So something happened at work today that seems absolutely insane to me, but everyone acted like it was normal, so I thought I'd get ehellions' perspective. I have visited this office about 6-7 times in the past, and this has never happened before. Myself and another colleague who had come with me were informed that one of the people coming in today was very particular: she would be turning out the lights because she gets migraines, so we would all have to use small desk lights in order to work. We were also given a warning that we should be careful not to accidentally sit in "her" chair. The office is an open layout and there aren't enough chairs and computers for everyone, but most of the time not everyone is in the room at once, so people just grab a seat wherever. She has apparently been quite harsh with people in asking them to move if they're in "her" seat (i.e. Just saying "You're in my seat" without adding any polite request.). She is able to get away with this because she is the director of some other department (not ours).

My question is: Is it acceptable/polite (from an etiquette perspective) for someone who might be considered of higher "rank" to change everyone's environment to suit herself by turning out the lights? I'm not even sure that she would be considered higher rank, as the boss of our department was there and he doesn't answer to her. When she turned out the lights, he just rolled his eyes and turned on his desk light.  That just seemed crazy to me! I can't imagine what she does when she goes into patients' rooms, or to other work environments (she's not here every day). How does she adapt to daily life?! I can't imagine that she just turns off the lights everywhere she goes. Has anyone encountered this before? Is this normal? If you were the boss of our department, how would you have addressed this issue?

Curious Cat:
It's acceptable because "the company" doesn't have a problem with it.  Other companies might give this woman a private office. 

If the desk lights allow people to do their work at their desks then it seems acceptable.

I have spent most of my life praying to die because of migraines.

I would NEVER even imagine asking an entire office to shut the lights out because "I get migraines."  There have been instances where I got a migraine at work and shut the lights off in my office  (or in the part of the building I was working in, but I was the only one there at the time), but no way would I inconvenience everyone around me by demanding that the lights be shut off.

Did she have a migraine when she did this or was she just using her migraines to up her status to SS?

If her migraines are ** THAT ** bad that she can't stand light, she probably needs to take some kind of medical leave and get her situation under control. 

I do get it.  I have had migraines.  Not often, but I have had them. 
Nevermind not wanting light, but I just want to curl up and die...or at least be in a dark room with no light, no sound and await for the world to stop turning. 

This gal sounds a bit like my first roommate in college who always had the window blind closed and rarely had the overhead light on because she was "light sensitive". (and I don't doubt there are people with severe light sensitivities) However, when she came back to the room late at night after I already had gone to bed and flipped on every light (including the overhead) I seriously doubt it. 

This sounds like a large area with no real floor plan?  If there is an area that she claims as hers, could the lights be taken out of the fixtures over "her spot"?  (I actually have 1 of 3 lights in the fixture over my desk which works well for me. but there are lights on in the rest of my hallway.)


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