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A spotless home.

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My neighbors home is always spotless.  Like out of a magazine.  and it always smells so good!

I am always at a loss what to say when I visit and she says, "Ignore the mess." 

A few times I have said, "what mess?"  She answers with, "I haven't had time to clean."

Most of the time I say, "Oh, don't worry about it."  She answers with the same as above.

This has gone on for 13 years!  lol.

Its not really bothersome, but I can't help but wonder if there something else I should be saying?

"Okay, I'll try."  ;D

gen xer:
 I think a simple "Oh it's fine" will suffice.  I don't know why people sometimes feel compelled to say things that are obviously untrue but - maybe she wants the reassurance?

rose red:
"Your house looks lovely." 

I would be tempted to turn it into a joke - "Oh yes, I can barely make it over the piles and piles of clutter you have here" (while gesturing at their clutter free coffee table).


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