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25 Jokes Only Book Nerds Will Understand

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I didn't get all of these, but some of them were pretty darn funny  ;D

(Okay, I was curious, so I went through and made a tally:

"That's seriously funny!": 5

"I get it": 8

"I think I know what book that's about": 6

"I have no idea what this is": 6

So yeah, what's your breakdown, literary nerds?   ;D)


"That's seriously funny!": 3

"I get it":  3

"I think I know what book that's about":  2

"I have no idea what this is": 17

Well,  already knew I didn't knew much about english classic literature...

I'm a total book nerd. I've read all of these books.    Number 22 had me laughing out loud.  I need to find a way to integrate that into my daily life

"That's seriously funny!": 16

"I get it": 6

"I think I know what book that's about": 2

"I have no idea what this is": 1

If someone can explain Emily Dickinson to me, I'd appreciate it.

ETA: NM, just googled it. Duh. Now it's funny!

There were a couple I didn't get because I hadn't read the book and didn't know the gist. Quick look at Wikipedia filled me in on Bartleby the Scrivener.  Not sure who the pictured author is in 19. & puzzled by 18.

My favourite was a toss up between numbers 25 and 16. 5 is pretty funny though.


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