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25 Jokes Only Book Nerds Will Understand

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#18 is Mary Badham AKA Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird
#19 is HP Lovecraft. 

Thanks, pastrygoddess. Haven't read any lovecraft.

Have read To Kill a Mockingbird heaps but only thing I remember about the film is Gregory Peck.

16 was my favorite, mostly because it was my roommate's favorite poem ever (other than the Love Song of J. Alfred Proofrock) and she quoted it often :-P


--- Quote from: PastryGoddess on September 14, 2013, 09:14:50 PM ---#18 is Mary Badham AKA Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird
#19 is HP Lovecraft.

--- End quote ---

Oh, I should have gotten those!
I had no idea what HP Lovecraft looked like and that phrase could be applied to too many writers..

To Kill a Mockingbird is my favourite book and I cannot for the life of me place the quote about failures to break down the ice.  I'm guessing it must be outside the courthouse when Atticus is standing guard over Tom Robinson.

I only "got" about nine.

I do love the Amy March one though.


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