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Tony Blair's son gets married - wife of bride's father barred from wedding

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So this is in the UK papers this week:

Briefly, former UK prime minister Tony Blair's eldest son marries his girlfriend of four years, Suzanne.

Her father's wife, Sian Lloyd (whom he met and married about six years ago, his marriage to the bride's mother having ended 13 years ago) was "disinvited" to the wedding, and told she would not be welcome at the Blair home, where the reception was to be held. This is despite having received an invitation (by name) previously.

Shows that even the great and good are incapable of behaving in a civilised manner?

Honestly I think it's rude of Sian to publicly disclose her disinvite making it all about her and tarnishing the otherwise lovely day for her step daughter. 

Yes it was rude to take back the invitation but it should have remained a private matter. 

I would assume Tony Blair has no more say over this than her father does so I wouldn't attribute it to him. It sounds like private family business being made public.

One of the articles I read mentioned (briefly) that she was disinvited because she was insulting to one of the other parents, I think the bride's mother?

So she knows why she was not invited. But she is kicking up a fuss and pretending she doesn't. At one point I think she was even talking about crashing the wedding anyway ??? invite or not. But of course since she publicly announced that, I'm sure the bride and groom made sure she wasn't able to. I had to wonder from reading all that tripe if this was even the first offence. She sounds like a peach to deal with. :P

Because they had to have known this would go public, I imagine they had a VERY good reason for disinviting her.  They were apparently willing to suffer the fall-out for it, so she must have done something really bad to get disinvited. 


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