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Tony Blair's son gets married - wife of bride's father barred from wedding

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Of course, it's easy to say "They banned me because I'm a hard-charging journalist," not "I was catty about the bride's biological mother, to the point we couldn't be in the same room together, and for some reason the bride wanted her biomom there instead of me."

I really wouldn't, as a journalist, try do an adversarial interview with my stepdaughter's FIL-to-be shortly before the wedding. Someone should have realized that this was not going to make for a happy reception.


--- Quote from: English1 on September 17, 2013, 08:33:07 AM ---But this is not a normal situation.

This is the ex Prime Minister of the UK.

She is a journalist.

The story coming out is that she recently interviewed Blair and, like a journalist should, didn't suck up to him as a future vaguely 'in-law', but did a normal interview, which included some criticism of him over the Iraq war. The interview is to be broadcast this week.

So..this is trickier than a normal family situation.

Should they have refused to do the interview because of their future connection (albeit a loose one?)
Should she never criticise him again, as a journalist, because of their loose connection?
Should the Blairs accept a separation between their professional and personal relationships?

--- End quote ---

But she's not a journalist.  As far as I can see online, she is called a 'weather girl' (hate the phrase, prefer meteorologist, but she may not have the actual degree to be called that) or "news presenter" (I read that to mean someone who reads the news reports off a teleprompter, not someone who does interviews).  So, if she did an interview with the Blairs, I could understand why they'd expect that it would be a fluff piece, because she doesn't have the history of doing hard pieces (at least as far as I could find - but then again, I also didn't spend more than 5 minutes looking).  I also can't find any mention of an interview on line...I can find an interview she gave where she made it clear she does not support Blair's actions in regard to the war in Iraq.

A weatherperson? Oh, I can understand how that could cause issues, if she lured Blair into an interview "because we're faaaaamily", and then went all Anderson Cooper on him.

On the other hand, this may be *her* cover story, if the real story is that she was rude to/about the bride's mother. "Oh, it has nothing to do with the fact that I wanted to be walk the bride down the aisle with her father, and have her mother sit in the very back pew. No, it's the Blairs punishing me for my journalistic integrity."

Queen of Clubs:
I don't think she's a news presenter.  There are *two* Sian Lloyds - both of whom are Welsh.  One, Siān Mary Lloyd is an ITV weather forecaster and she's the one married to Jonathan Ashman.  Her IMDb profile is here:

The other is a Welsh news presenter, her name is Sian (no ^ above the 'a') and her IMDb profile is here:

As for the actual issue at hand, it sounds as though the Blairs have refused to comment at all, while Siān has given a few interviews about it.  I think the happy couple must have had a really good reason for disinviting her, especially as they had to know it'd hit the media.

Whatever the truth of the matter, she will very likely never, ever get another chance to interview the Blairs. Talk about burning bridges both professionally and personally!


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