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Tony Blair's son gets married - wife of bride's father barred from wedding

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rose red:
If one of my invited guests insult one of my parents, you bet they will be uninvited.  I can think of many reasons to disinvite someone so I'm not going to judge the couple without knowing the details.

I have to say if you're suddenly disinvited, after being invited by name (and being the wife of the Bride to Be's father), there's some very serious trouble going on. And if she's talking about "crashing" the wedding anyway, it sounds like it was caused by her, originally.

Of course, a couple of centuries ago, the great would have solved this by sending her to a dungeon for a few decades, if not to the block. However, we *are* more civilized today, although the existence of the yellow press might argue otherwise.

I don't think it's any reflection on Mr. Blair- he didn't ban her, the HC did.

I think less of her for announcing it and making private business public.

And really, what's a HC *supposed* to do?  Let the person who did something horrible to them come to the wedding and have to provide food and entertainment to her? 

Nobody should be penalized for inviting someone to their wedding.  If that person turns around and poops on them, that person DESERVES to be disinvited.

But this is not a normal situation.

This is the ex Prime Minister of the UK.

She is a journalist.

The story coming out is that she recently interviewed Blair and, like a journalist should, didn't suck up to him as a future vaguely 'in-law', but did a normal interview, which included some criticism of him over the Iraq war. The interview is to be broadcast this week.

So..this is trickier than a normal family situation.

Should they have refused to do the interview because of their future connection (albeit a loose one?)
Should she never criticise him again, as a journalist, because of their loose connection?
Should the Blairs accept a separation between their professional and personal relationships?


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