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A Variation of This Phrase, Annoying Coworker and the Cake

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That reminds me of last Thanksgiving.  My daughter, who's a vegan, decided not to attend the family get-together (she doesn't get along well with our relatives.  Neither do I, for that matter).  We'd told the hostess (my SIL) that Daughter wouldn't be coming, but I guess she forgot to pass that information along, because MIL gave my husband and me all kinds of grief:

"I made this dish ESPECIALLY for Vegan Daughter!"  "Oh?  What's in it?"  "(Long list of ingredients), cream of mushroom soup, and stuffing.  So there's nothing in it she couldn't eat," MIL finished triumphantly.  "Except that cream of mushroom soup isn't vegan (even if you make it with water), and she's never liked stuffing," my husband explained patiently.  "Hmmph."


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